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By now, those of you who are reading this have been air frying for a while. It’s time to take your skills to a new level. The Simple Living Products air fryer accessory set is a sure fire way to take your skills to new heights. Make it all without ever turning on your stove! 

What’s included? A pizza pan, cake barrell and BBQ rack. All with indefinite benefits but we’ll try to give you a small idea of what this simple addition to your air fryer kit can and will elevate your cooking skills. 

First up, the pizza pan. Equipped with a non-stick coating, the pizza pan creates the perfect personalized pizza as well incredible omelettes. Yes you can air fry omelettes as well! 


Next up, the cake barrell! Like the pizza pan, this deep dish pan that not only makes incredible cakes can be used to make just about anything. One of our favorites benefits is the option to cook anything that needs to be submerged in sauce. The pan prevents liquid from seeping through the holes of the air fryer basket. Can you say flavor? 



And last but certainly not least, the BBQ rack. This one is a crowd favorite. If you’re an avid air fryer, it’s possible you have tried an air fried steak. This rack with put all other steaks made without it to shame. It allows the state of the art heat circulation that cooks your favorite meals to surround your steak uninterrupted. Mouth watering right? It’s also great for cooking two things at once. Place bacon directly into the pan, insert the rack and your prepped ingredients for an air fried omelette (in your pizza/ omelette pan) on the wrack for a breakfast you will love. 

With the three of these, your next meal could be unforgettable! Happy air frying! 

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