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You need to check out these air fryer accessories because they will change the way you cook with your air fryer. Plus, you probably already have most of them.

If you’ve been to Fabulessly Frugal before you know how much I love my air fryer. I’ll keep saying- it has changed the way I cook in the kitchen by making dinner time so much more easy and less stressful. Read my full air fryer review here.  I want you to experience the power of air fryer cooking, so today I’m sharing the top 17 air fryer accessories and how to use them.

I’ll let you know which ones I think are a “MUST HAVE”, which accessories I think are “NICE to HAVE” and which ones are a WASTE of money and space. By the way, you probably already own several of these air fryer accessories! 

Watch me talk about these accessories in this YouTube Video and I’ll show you how you use them with your air fryer.

Top 7 Must-have Air Fryer Accessories

These 7 air fryer accessories will uplevel your air fryer game

Before I share the 7 must-have accessories for your air fryer, a piece of advice: you’ll want to  measure the interior dimensions of your air fryer basket. That way when you’re shopping online or away from home, you’ll know what size of cookware is going to fit inside your air fryer. As a point of reference, my Cosori Air Fryer is 9x9x3.75 inches. It’s a 5.8 quart air fryer, so keep that in mind as I show you these 14 air fryer accessories. 

1. Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Since all air fryers are slightly different, the cooking time can vary a little. When you’re following a recipe, the actual cooking time might vary slightly because air fryers have different wattage and heat slightly differently. Using an instant read meat thermometer means you’ll know exactly when meats and baked goods are done cooking. 

I’ve created a FREE printable that lists all the recommended internal cooking temps PLUS a list of my top 18 air fryer tips. Click on the link and I’ll email it to you! 

PROS: An instant read thermometer can be used with ALL my grilling and baking

CONS: none! This is an excellent investment! 

2. Silicone Turners, Spatula & Tongs

You likely have this in your kitchen already. Since the majority of air fryers have a non-stick coating, you want to only use accessories that won’t scratch the coating. Wood, silicone or nylon are all good choices. I like having a small silicone spatula for the times I need to scoop food out. The silicone tongs are great for stirring food as well, and I’ve also used my wooden spoon.

PROS: Silicone tools are versatile and can be used everyday. I recommend investing in (if you don’t have it already):

CONS: Sometimes the silicone tongs are a little “slippery” and don’t hold things well.

3. Spray Bottle

If you watched or read my Air Fryer 101 post or my Top 12 Air Fryer Mistakes post, then you have heard me say how important it is to NOT use harmful aerosol oil sprays. Instead, purchase a good bottle and put your own favorite oil in it. I’ve been using this EVO brand for awhile and am now testing out this Misto glass oil spray bottle because it sprays in more of a fine mist, using less oil.

PROS: A reusable spray bottle has replaced the cooking spray in our home, is better for the environment, and a healthier option. 

CONS: There is a higher upfront cost and the spray can be inconsistent, sometimes it’s a stream rather than a mist. 

4. Heat Resistant Surface

Unless you have a heat resistant countertop like granite or concrete, you will want a heat resistant surface to set your air fryer basket on. I just use a wood cutting board, because I can use it for other things in my kitchen when I’m not using my air fryer. However, my Philips XXL liner stays attached to the unit when the basket is pulled out. So I rarely need to pull out my cutting board when I use my Philips air fryer. Many air fryer kits include a silicone resting pad.

PROS: A wood cutting board has many uses in my kitchen and it also looks cute.

CONS: None!

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5. Heavy Duty Foil

There are two great ways to use foil in your air fryer. If you are baking something and don’t want the top to burn because it has to bake long enough to cook through, then you’ll want to cover the top of your food with foil for most of the baking time. You can also use foil as a sling to help lift food out of the air fryer. If you do this, just be sure you leave plenty of room for air flow so the food can cook properly. And make sure that you never place foil in the air fryer without securing it down by placing food on it or securing it tightly around the dish… otherwise it could blow around and get stuck in the fan or heating element.

PROS: You likely already have heavy duty foil in your kitchen

CONS: If you aren’t careful, it could wear down the non-stick coating after time.

6. Oven Safe Pan or Dish

Using an oven safe dish in your air fryer opens up doors to baking cakes, pies, quiche, and bread! You’ll want to make sure it fits in your air fryer. Many accessories made specifically for the air fryer will have a little handle on them, but you can also use something you have around the house, like a glass baking dish (such as pyrex bowl/container), cake pan, or in most cases, a springform pan will work too! As long as it is oven safe, and fits in your air fryer without restricting air flow, you can use it!

PROS: You most likely already have this in your kitchen.

CONS: An oven safe dish could be hard to remove unless it has a handle.

7. Microfiber Cloth

I have found a microfiber cloth to be the best way to clean my air fryer. You never want to use anything abrasive that could scratch the coating on the basket. A wet microfiber cloth and some dawn dish soap has done a great job of cleaning my air fryer basket!

PROS: You can use a microfiber cloth daily in your kitchen.

CONS: None!

Now, 8 Air Fryer Accessories that are “Nice to Have”

8. Silicone Molds & Cups

You definitely don’t need silicone molds, but I really enjoy using them for things like egg bites, breakfast bombs, pancake bites, meatloaf, brownies and more. Alternately, you could use silicone cupcake liners and get the same result! 

PROS: Silicone Molds & Cups can also be used in the instant pot and oven. Plus, it allows you to make new types of foods in your air fryer. 

CONS: I have found that with these silicone pans that the center cup is slightly undercooked compared to the outer cups. 

9. Mini Silicone Oven Mitts

You can use a hot pad or towel that you already own, but I do like these little silicone oven mitts, they are thin so it’s easier to pull pots/pans out of the air fryer. Mine came with my instant pot set, but you can also find these on amazon. And I can use this for more than just the air fryer.

PROS: You can use mini silicone oven mitts for more than just your air fryer and they wash and store nicely.

CONS: Some are not good quality and will melt. They aren’t good for holding something hot for very long either.

10. Air Fryer Rack & Skewers 

Every air fryer accessory kit I see on Amazon includes this skewer rack. This is a fun way to make kabobs in your air fryer and the rack itself can add another layer to your air fryer. There is a 1-1.5 inch rise on the rack so you could air fry some fresh veggies while your kebabs cook. You could cook fries the same time you cook fish sticks on the top rack.  Or cook a burger on the bottom and some fries on the top. Do you have this accessory? Let me know what you love using it for. Just be aware that if you pack the food in, you’ll limit the air flow AND the items on the top rack will brown faster, so you may have to rotate the food or stagger the cooking times.  You could also use this rack to secure lightweight foods so they don’t blow around inside the air fryer. 

PROS: An air fryer skewer rack adds a whole new level to cooking with your air fryer (literally!).

CONS: This is not useful anywhere else in my kitchen AND they don’t clean super easily.

11. Ramekins

Ramekins are cute little ceramic dishes that fit PERFECTLY in the air fryer. I’ve used them for baking eggs, making lava cakes, and cute little individual sized bread loaves. Plus they are great to have around the house for small portions of ice cream or dipping sauces. 

PROS: There are lots of uses for ramekins in your kitchen

CONS: There is more of an effort to clean ramekins and it can be challenging to get out of the air fryer.

12. Pizza Pan

An air fryer pizza pan comes with most accessory kits and fits nicely into the air fryer. It can be used for making pizza, a pizookie (cookie pizza), fried eggs, pancakes, and just about anything you need to contain. You could even use it for roasting and caramelized nuts! You could likely find a shallow cake pan or baking dish in your kitchen that could serve the same purpose.

PROS: A pizza pan contains the food well and is easy to clean

CONS: There are no other uses in the kitchen

13. Mandoline Slicer

Or as my family likes to call it, the Mandalorian slicer.  This is great for prepping for that you want to make in the air fryer. You slice potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, anything you want to roast the mandoline slicer will do it efficiently and evenly. 

PROS: A mandoline slicer is quick and efficient when you need to cut something, and there are multiple kitchen uses.

CONS: You don’t really need this, you could just use a knife and eyeball your slices.

14. Silicone Basting Brush

You may already have something like this in your kitchen. This is nice for brushing oil on food that you want to evenly coat, rather than using a spray bottle. 

PROS: There are multiple kitchen uses for a basting brush, besides just for spreading oil on air fried foods.

CONS: None! But you could also use a paper towel to brush oil (or even your hands).

15. Parchment Paper

Air Fryer Parchment paper has little holes in it to allow for air flow, while protecting the bottom of your basket from messy food. Most kits include 50-100 liners. You can buy them on their own as well. OR you can buy normal parchment paper and punch holes in it. I don’t use it that often, but it’s nice for messy foods like grilled cheese sandwiches with shredded cheese. If you do use it, make sure you have enough food evenly distributed to hold the paper down so it doesn’t blow up into the heating element! 

PROS: Air Fryer parchment paper makes clean up easier.

CONS: It’s an added expense that you probably don’t need.

Three Air Fryer Accessories You Can Live Without

16. Bread Rack

This one is also included in most accessory kits but isn’t one I really ever use. You could toast some bread in it, although sometimes the bread is too close to the heating element. You could also cook frozen hashbrowns in it. Otherwise, I don’t see much use for this one. 

PROS: A bread rack allows you to cook more flat food.

CONS: It doesn’t work for things like french toast and doesn’t have many uses. 

17. Metal Holder

This one is also included in most air fryer accessory kits, and I have yet to see the purpose of this tool. You could use it to lift a pot off the basket, but not sure what the point would be to that. It actually is less cooking space because you can’t really put anything underneath it except for something flat like bacon. You could use it to keep small things from blowing around, but the skewer rack could do that as well. Have you found a good use for this accessory? 

PROS: I can’t think of anything

CONS: Pointless

If you use these air fryer tools, you will make the most out of your air fryer and be able to cook the best foods

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the extras if you’re just getting an air fryer. Take some time to learn how your air fryer works and start with the basics. Once you’re comfortable with it, make a list of recipes you’d like to make and determine if any accessories are needed for them. See how you can get creative with what you already have THEN purchase what you need! 

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These 7 air fryer accessories will change the way you cook with your air fryer

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